Sunday, July 8, 2012

I Haven't Forgotten You

So it seems I have fallen into the same hole that virtually almost every "blogger" falls into.  Ya know the one where you don't write for months on end because you' re just too busy, or stopped caring?  Either way, it happens to the best of us.

I haven't run out of stories, that's for sure.  Since I've written I've had to deal with more bus crap, more bus people, the horrible smells, late buses, sexual harassment and unreal situations via the bus.  For now I'm just adding this quick update since it's been five whole months since I have been here!!!

You say, "Why don't you just write a blog now about the bus?"  Well, because I'm tired and I don't want to. Booya!  I also briefly forgot my login info, ahahaha.  Derp.

But no worries, my material will not cease to exist until I get my very own self driving car.  Safe travels, my friends.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

One For The Books

Some days are just not so good.  Such as yesterday.  Okay, it wasn't all bad, it was mostly strange and
frustrating.  I had to wake up early to get to the doctors office for a quick shot.  I have to take two buses to get there, no big deal, I've done it a million times.  I did however get up extra early to walk about seven blocks up the street to get my free McDonald's coffee because I had a coupon!  Coffee wasn't so great, but it was free.

All right that's besides the point.  My bus gets me at McDick's on time!  I get to my transfer and have to wait for several, well about twenty minutes, until my transfer, but I had allowed enough time so I wouldn't be late.  My iPod was also picking up Wifi so I was nicely occupied.  Weather was good too and overcast.

About two minute into my wait a homelessish man comes from around the corner (which I'm already aware of the homeless hotspot) and our conversation proceeds as such:

Guy at bus stop: Hey can I borrow a cigarette?

Me: Sorry I don't smoke.

GABS: Can I make one phone call?

Me: This isn't a phone.

GABS: Here, you wanna know how to make a bike work better?

Me: I don't ride bikes.

GABS: Do you know anything about cars?

Me: I don't drive I have epilepsy

He leaves me alone for the most part after that.  I get on my bus, get to the doc and I'm in and out fairly 
quickly but manage to just miss a bus back.  I'm not in any rush until.....oh look, the sky is darker than it was 
when I arrived at the doctors office.  Hmmm...oh goody it's going to cats and dogs, and I am 
unprepared!  No rainboots or umbrella.  I figure I can get away with it and hope that it doesn't rain too hard, 
WRONG.  Heaviest rain we've had in a while, then lightning!  Then loud ass thunder!  Then pea sized hail!!!  
WTF?!  I manage to find some shelter at the nearby hospital parking garage and am safe until the bus comes,
and by that point the rain has let up.  Yay.

Putting that in writing it really doesn't sound as bad as it felt at the time.  I was cold and wet but it could have 
been prevented if the weather forecast I had checked the night before had been accurate.  Oh well.
I get to my next transfer area and realize I have a bit of time so I go inside the grocery store to grab a couple
of things figuring I have enough time.  WRONG AGAIN!  As soon as I make it to the till I see my bus coming early.  I flip out of course and my friend who is actually checking me out offers to buy my lunch, lol, what a silly.  It's not her fault, it was mine because I just had to get some coffee.  No big deal in the end.  I wait inside in the warmth by the window to wait for my next bus.

Smooth sailing from there really.  It just feels so overwhelming sometimes when all the little things add up.

Friday, January 20, 2012

I Am The Bag Lady.

I didn't have any bus adventures today.  However, I have a never ending catalog of them burned to memory.

One thing mandatory for someone like me, and taking the bus all day long is planning.  I literally have to plan my entire day, no really, almost every move, from beginning to end.  There isn't much room for spontaneity and it just isn't worth the wasted time to go back and forth between where I need to be and home.  I have to figure out whether or not I am going to the gym, if it's before or after work.  I have to plan when I'm going to see my boyfriend and whether or not we are meeting somewhere or if I am going to take the hour long trek to his place on the other side of town.  Then of course, it depends on what time I have to be at work, when my classes are, and if I can possibly manage to be on time anywhere.  (I often find myself more punctual than most other people though).

With all that said, it leads to, "Okay, what do I HAVE to do today, what are my definite plans, so what do I need to bring?"  Gym, work, boyfriend's: if possible I will leave in my gym clothes, but have to stash my work clothes and overnight gear in my bag.  I also require a towel and toiletries for a shower at the gym as I just high tail it to work immediately afterwards.  (Bring plenty of extra plastic bags for wet and dirty stuff).  End work, bus it to boyfriends place.  Sometimes extra work clothes are required if I need to be at work the next day and my boyfriend just drops me off there.  I have almost two of everything because it makes it easier if I'm staying the night with boyfriend, including extra clothes, jammies, etc.  All of these extras mean I have bags bags bags.  Mandatory purse, duffle bag, and if I have the gym, then school, then boyfriends and then going to work the next day, I will have my backpack.  Since I don't have a mobile storage facility, aka a vehicle, I must lug my life around with me at all times.  Bag lady.

By this point I'm quite used to it, and have been deemed by boyfriend as the little mule, ahaha.  The only reason it truly bothers me is when I'm on a packed bus with nowhere to sit, bumping passengers in the head and no place to comfortably place my things.  People must wonder what that crazy white girl is doing, and I would gladly inform them if it would cease the dirty looks.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

God Damn the Bus.

Yesterday was a special day.  First day back at school, woo.  That was all fine and dandy until it was time for me to leave and meet up with a friend.

Cross the street to where the bus stop SHOULD be, and *poof!* it's gone.. What the fuck?  I did not get this memo.  I remember hearing something about them changing the schedule for this particular bus (among others) but nothing this drastic and for Pete's sake, why on God's green earth would you take away the bus stop on BOTH sides, going Northbound and Southbound from a high traffic area such as a school????

Some annoying girl helped me find the new bus stop five blocks up as I swore the whole way cursing the bus and their irrational decision to change the shit out of the route.  I mean, I guess it isn't THAT far of a walk, but I'm usually carrying tons of heavy shit (backpack, purse, sometimes an overnight bag, had my bag of school books this time) and it's just way more convenient for students to run for a bus right outside of the school.  OH, then I saw this poor lil' guy about my age in crutches hobbling his way up the hill to get to the bus stop.  It was ludacris!  Gah, whatever, just ONE MORE THING to adjust to.  Such is life.

I told my boyfriend about my frustration later on and he couldn't figure out why it upset me so much.  I don't expect him to understand, he drives.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Thank God for the Bus.

I often complain about the bus, but I never share my love for the bus.  Okay, that's a strong word, I don't LOVE the bus, but where would I be without it?  I require this cheap transportation otherwise I would be paying for cabs to get everywhere I need to go, or relying on people, possibly strangers to transport me from point A to point B.

Currently I pay two dollars a day for a 24 hour bus pass.  It USED to be a dollar.  And before that it USED to be 50 cents (they don't have the cents sign on keyboards anymore)?  So on and so forth.

In fact, I used to have a free bus pass from the community college, but evidently I use it more than the average college student and it became completely fucked up no matter how well  I took care of it.  I still have two days to use it but after being unnecessarily reprimanded by several bus drivers, it just wasn't worth it anymore and I tossed it.

"I WILL get my bus pass fixed once school opens again."  Bitch, cut me some slack.

All right, let's get back on topic.  The bus, although smelly, dirty, 45% of the time unreliable, I am grateful to have a public means of transport as this city does not have any subways, it is my only option.  I am also "blessed" to have such nice friends, family and boyfriend that help me out often as well, but this blog isn't about them!  Ahahaha.

Anyway, I will never take the bus for granted, no matter how much it pains me.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Welcome to the world....

...of public transit!

I know there are probably dozens of people that have already created blogs on such subject (I did my research), as there are countless food and fashion blogs.  Although, I'm hoping that I can bring something different to the table.

To begin, I am currently a loyal rider of public transportation, however not by choice.  I am a 25 year old female with epilepsy, unable to drive and forced daily at the mercy of this blessed yet cursed form of transportation.  I should be so lucky!

I figured since I often enjoy ranting about my bus adventures with my driving (and other non-driving) friends, that maybe, just maybe other people out there would enjoy hearing about my wonderful and often irritating or horrid experiences.  From no-shows to smelly bums, please share with me the ride of a lifetime, whether you ride daily yourself or have never before, I hope you enjoy my stories that I hold so dear to my heart.