Friday, January 20, 2012

I Am The Bag Lady.

I didn't have any bus adventures today.  However, I have a never ending catalog of them burned to memory.

One thing mandatory for someone like me, and taking the bus all day long is planning.  I literally have to plan my entire day, no really, almost every move, from beginning to end.  There isn't much room for spontaneity and it just isn't worth the wasted time to go back and forth between where I need to be and home.  I have to figure out whether or not I am going to the gym, if it's before or after work.  I have to plan when I'm going to see my boyfriend and whether or not we are meeting somewhere or if I am going to take the hour long trek to his place on the other side of town.  Then of course, it depends on what time I have to be at work, when my classes are, and if I can possibly manage to be on time anywhere.  (I often find myself more punctual than most other people though).

With all that said, it leads to, "Okay, what do I HAVE to do today, what are my definite plans, so what do I need to bring?"  Gym, work, boyfriend's: if possible I will leave in my gym clothes, but have to stash my work clothes and overnight gear in my bag.  I also require a towel and toiletries for a shower at the gym as I just high tail it to work immediately afterwards.  (Bring plenty of extra plastic bags for wet and dirty stuff).  End work, bus it to boyfriends place.  Sometimes extra work clothes are required if I need to be at work the next day and my boyfriend just drops me off there.  I have almost two of everything because it makes it easier if I'm staying the night with boyfriend, including extra clothes, jammies, etc.  All of these extras mean I have bags bags bags.  Mandatory purse, duffle bag, and if I have the gym, then school, then boyfriends and then going to work the next day, I will have my backpack.  Since I don't have a mobile storage facility, aka a vehicle, I must lug my life around with me at all times.  Bag lady.

By this point I'm quite used to it, and have been deemed by boyfriend as the little mule, ahaha.  The only reason it truly bothers me is when I'm on a packed bus with nowhere to sit, bumping passengers in the head and no place to comfortably place my things.  People must wonder what that crazy white girl is doing, and I would gladly inform them if it would cease the dirty looks.

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  1. O...M...G. I am living the same exact life. Everything you just said is exactly what I'm doing. I feel ridiculous with AND a purse AND a bag. It's about an hour to get to my boyfriends too. Great opportunity to read, but it really takes a chunk of time outta the day. What gym do you workout at?